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By: Omar Eduardo Beltran

The United States is home to a great variety of Latin countries that form a bouquet of sounds and customs.

Every day we find: Mexicans, Hondurans, Salvadorans, Costa Ricans or TICOS, Colombians or PARCES, Dominicans, Panamanians, Guatemalans, Venezuelans or CHAMOS, Ecuadorians, Chileans or CACHAI, Peruvians, Argentines or CHES, Bolivians, Uruguayans, Paraguayans and in all these countries we have a common denominator, the Spanish language, for which we are grouped homogeneously in North America as Hispanics.

These Hispanic countries have a very different culture, colloquial words, customs, traditions, gastronomy and music.

Perhaps food is the most common factor and that at the same time differentiates us, for this reason it is common to relate the chili with Mexico, the pupusas with El Salvador, the gallo pinto with Costa Rica, the Bandeja paisa tray with Colombia, the hayacas with Venezuela, the grilled meats from Argentina, the Wines from Chile, just to mention some foods that are part of the traditional gastronomy.

However, music plays a very important role in our cultures. We are very diverse and this variety allows our sound universe to be totally rich and exquisite. Although there are music that unite us such as: cumbia, salsa, boleros and even rancheras that long ago ceased to be the exclusive property of Mexico, without ignoring that they have the best exponents of this genre, our young people in their most of them, almost regardless of which of these Hispanic countries they belong to, have made reggaeton the music that most identifies them.

This small article does not intend to question reggaeton as music, on the other hand, it invites Hispanic or Latino families to share within each one of them, the music of each country, these songs that became the soundtrack of our lives, the tangos, the chacareras, the huaynos, the bambucos, the Zulian dances, in short, these musics or songs that represent our essence and allow us to differentiate ourselves as Hispanics.

This is the best excuse to enjoy and attend the Latin Music Festival 2021. We are waiting for you!

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