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Laura Londoño The Actress Behind the XXI Century “Gaviota”

Laura Londoño The Actress Behind the XXI Century “Gaviota”

Laura Londoño

Born in Medellín, Colombia, and who has participated in several film and television productions, today she is the protagonist of Café con aroma de mujer that is broadcast on Telemundo.

We had the opportunity to interview her and this is what she told us.

How is love for acting born?

Laura R / I think it was always there, it’s like those things that are in one’s essence, in one’s DNA. When I was little I was in acting classes, also in a theater group, piano classes, music theory, singing, painting, ballet, it was very clear that I loved the subject of art, however, when that moment came at the college where I had to make the decision of what to study, I had no idea what I was going to do.

I have always been very curious. I like knowledge, learning and studying, so when I say that I like art it is not necessarily that I did not like science or mathematics, I was also fascinated by mathematics. I think that’s why I questioned so much what I was going to study and I remember my mother telling me “Laura, concentrate, focus and choose one thing,” “Linke the proverb says, he that grabs at it all, gets nothing.” “Don’t bite off more than you can chew” “make up your mind.”

Acting is precisely that place where I can be everything, I can study different subjects and learn, I can put myself in the shoes of a lawyer, immersing myself in that world, then I get out of there and step into the boots of a peasant woman and I learn other things. I understood that it was perfect for me, it was just what I needed. 

“I don’t feel like I chose acting, I feel like acting chose me.”

We want to congratulate you on your pregnancy, how has this experience been?

Laura R / We are happy, as a woman with my first pregnancy, with my first daughter, I learned a lot at all times, and this time I feel again that pregnancy gives you that “power” that women have, one sees life in a special way , it’s literally something very powerful and I love that.

Speaking of the soap opera “Coffee with the aroma of a woman” did you see the program  when you were a child? Did you know the past version before making the decision to star in this important project?

Laura R / To make you laugh, I met the first version peeking from behind the door, as well as through a crack, when I could half see my grandmother and my aunts sitting in the living room watching the latest Soap Opera , because they wouldn’t let me watch it with them. I was very small and it was absolutely forbidden to watch television at that time, I was supposed to already be asleep.

I didn’t see it then, but I remember very well the atmosphere of the country (Colombia) at that time and the importance of this project.

Can you describe the new version of Gaviota?

Laura R / This new Gaviota is a new version, I make the joke that this is a version of Gaviota with a cell phone, because it is an adaptation, it is like Coffee with the aroma of a 21st century woman, because 30 years after the original version things have changed a lot , things like technology, so that’s why I say it’s Gaviota with a cell phone. You couldn’t get lost with Sebastián as they got lost in the other version because at that time they didn’t have a way to meet, they didn’t have a telephone, but nowadays that sounds absolutely unreal, today with one click we can easily find anyone on the other side of the world .

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So the challenge was to adapt it to these current conditions, which make everything change a lot, for example: One of the biggest things that has changed in the past 30 years, Is our role as women in the midst of society, what we can achieve and do today, the place we have in society, what we have achieved and what surely remains to be achieved. Gaviota has always been a woman that inspires other women, paves the way for them. She is an advanced woman figure and today, Gaviota has to do different things to continue with that mission. It is the same story, they are the same characters with the same essence, but modernized to the conditions of today, where another story is generated and even, the people who saw the previous version will find a new excitement in the story because it has many new tints. 

This is a production that has a lot of singing, are you the one who sings? 

Laura R / It has been a beauty, it is like the cherry on the cake. I had never had to meet this musical demand prior, but it came in the form of a requirement for the role, a blessing and a gift for me, because yes indeed I am the one who sang. This was a whole process; it was in me. Since I was little, I had been around musically themed productions, but I had played a character that required me to do it in a professional way.

I thank life for this project, the musical ingredients have been wonderful, the songs are beautiful, and I love that at this moment you can find them on platforms like Spotify. I listen to them and at all parties they ask me to put them on, it’s like having a coffee or a brandy, really music is intended to be felt and enjoyed. 

What’s next for Laura Londoño?

Laura R / We recently finished the recordings, in eight months of arduous work days, including one day that was absolutely consumed with productions, but I am happy. So, I’m at that point where I want to rest, be near the sea, recharge myself with all those things that are important to me, so that by the time I have to be in a new project, I can be ready.

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