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The Education Of Values At Home

The Education Of Values At Home

Home Values

We have repeatedly heard the phrase “education begins at home”, and what an accurate phrase it is because the way we relate and behave with people has to do with how we were raised at home and in treatment that we receive from the family.

The nucleus of society is the family and therefore parents are the basis of the home, they are the first educators that their children have. Following rules, showing love, and how to resolve conflicts are learned in family life.

To generate constructive dynamics for children, it is important to include teaching of values, not only in theory but in practice (the example influences positively or negatively- actions speak louder than words), that day by day children live in an environment where values ​​are the core part of their growth.

Maybe you will ask the questions: Is it not the school and its teachers responsibility to educate our children? Of course they do, but their focus is on other areas such as academics. Of course they also reinforce the values ​​that have already been learned at home when they share with their peers and teachers  continue guiding children in how they deal with successes and frustrations, conflict resolution and honesty in the classroom.

Values ​​make us better human beings, so we must not forget them in our daily lives. In the different religions and spiritual paths of the world there is always a meeting point: “love your neighbor as yourself” (said in different ways, but the essence is the same) then the love that we have towards ourselves, the how we talk to each other, the values ​​we implement on a daily basis will reflect the way we treat and share with others; But all those teachings begin at home.

For example, Loraine Burrow explains that one way to teach the value of TRUTH can be through instilling in children the importance of keeping your word, “If you cannot keep your word, do not make promises, because you will hurt others. and you will diminish your dignity. Let us try to make the truth shine in the world, valuing it more than gold ”. But beware, parents with their example will reaffirm this value or they will be able to do the opposite. Actions speak louder than words!

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Do not forget to teach your children values ​​such as LOVE, HONESTY, PEACE, NON-VIOLENCE, RESPECT, among others.

It is never too late to set an example and educate children in values ​​that will guide your their life path.

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